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Corporate Consulting

Product and Technology Roadmaps and Strategies

Leverage our experience and expertise in both technology innovation and product development to create effective, long-term product and technology roadmaps.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The decision to go ahead with, or walk away from, an acquisition often hinges on correctly assessing the technology and product line of the acquisition target. We will perform a thorough technical due diligence on your acquisition target, and help you achieve an optimal integration of both the product lines and technical staff of the two companies.

SWOT Analysis

Avixel can help you produce an objective analysis of your company's Strengths and Weaknesses, exploit Opportunities for growth and identify, at an early stage, Threats from competitors, disruptive technology or unfavorable market trends.

We will provide you with comprehensive and objective SWOT analyses of other companies, and show how you can compete more effectively. We will help you identify competitors that operate below your radar screen (e.g. those that are in different industries but chasing the same dollars as you). We can help you preserve valuable resources by identifying companies that are in your industry but are not your direct competitors as they target a different market.

Industry Forums and Standards Bodies

Avixel's experts have participated in standardization committees such as ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1/SC29 WG11, responsible for developing the MPEG suite of standards, and industry associations such as the Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA). We can represent you at such committees and drive the inclusion of your technology and IP portfolio in future standards.

Alternatively, we can make recommendations on appropriate technical and industry forums that your company can join, and demonstrate how to get maximum value out of your participation. Your technical staff will benefit from access to specifications, exchanges with other experts, and interoperability tests during product development. Your marketing and business development staff will get access to market research and find opportunities for strategic partnerships with other companies. Your senior management will have the opportunity to elevate your company profile and promote its offerings by participating in panel discussions.