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Technical Due Diligence

IP evaluation

Our technical subject matter experts have years of experience working in academic and industry R&D labs, dealing with issues related to intellectual property assets. Whether you are looking at the intellectual property of an acquisition target, or looking to make an investment in a high-tech company with a potentially game-changing technology, we can help you dissect the technical and legal jargon and provide a fair assessment of the intellectual property and patent portfolio. Our analysis will include:

  • Patent evaluation for technical merit, relative value to other patents in the field, claims charting and commercial prospects in view of technology trends
  • Identifying potential gaps in patent portfolios and pieces of intellectual property that could fill those gaps
  • Identifying patent infringements and devising workarounds for them
  • Helping both your technical and legal teams to develop your intellectual property

Product evaluation

Whether you want a thorough evaluation of your products or that of a potential vendor or competitor, our experts will carry out rigorous testing and provide you with an unbiased report. We will test every feature to ensure that it functions as advertised. We will measure performance under extreme scenarios, and provide comparisons with competing offerings.